Springs.Collector.ElementSketch / Pick path


I’ve got a problem with the node “Springs.Collector.ElementSketch” from the package “Springs nodes”.
I need to extract the length of sketch path in a model in-place. For an extrusion by sweep, when I use the command “sketch path”, the node give me the right result but when I use “Pick Path”, the node return “Empty List” or wrong values.

Is it possible to modify the Python’s script to do this?
Length_ModelInPlace.dyn (9.8 KB)

Could you please document your request so it appears clearly that no other solution to this issue can be found despite a significant effort to solve it? Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve joined Dynamo script in my post to test. Unfortunatly, I don’t use Python and I didn’t know other node that it can return the sketch of object.
To understand the problem, look at the vidéo and below

Link: http://autode.sk/2mZlNN4