Springs collect.CurrentSelection

I have a problem.

I want to hide all elements selected in all views so I can hide all of these imported wall tags at once and don’t have to do “hide by category” on all of these tags in all views.

But when I run the node CurrentSelection from the Springs package on the selected wall tags, it does not capture them (outputs empty list).

if I run the following dynamo nodes, where I get all wall tags in the project, I get nothing


But when I select one in Revit and do “hide by category”, it works, it hides all wall tags in view.

Why does this select these tags?

Can someone give me a solution?

Is there another node that can select this type of linked model, or is there any Python code that can make this happen?

thanks for reading

Hi! It seems like you want to select room tags from linked model. I believe that Springs node Collect.Current selection doesn’t work with linked elements.

I think the best solution for you is to use LinkedElement.OfCategory from bimorph nodes package

Thanks for the answer, it really helps.
But i wonder if is there a way to get the selected linked tags with python
Does anyone know how to do this?