Selecting Tags elements

cont from: Get all Annotations elements in project

My question is pretty straigthfoward, why isnt this working?


Every scripts, collectors and other similar nodes I try seem to fail to collect some tags element, such as floor and wall tags.

Hi @slepagetrudeau

Try @Konrad_K_Sobon 's node “SelectByCategoryandView”:

Thank @Kulkul but my battle continues


Dynamo 1.3
Revit 2017.2

Try Changing Floor tags to French word

To my knowledge, the BuiltIn Categories should be in english wether or not my revit is, since I got this category from the same project and the FilteredElementCollector only takes BuiltIn.

Else, how could it work with room tags?

Are any of the tags associated to elements in a linked model? If so this may be your issue:

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Well, not in this specific example, all the elements where in the active doc, but the whole script aimed to use things taged in a linked models.

Right now I’m hoping it’s related so I have an explanation to why I can’t acheive it.

I can’t even collect them directly by ID.

EDIT: Oh, well, im blind. That specific tag IS on a structural linked model. So that might throw the whole thing off!

Feel free to comment on the github issue and add additional input as needed. Check out the possible (I haven’t tested it yet) work around which utilizes the hotgear package.