Making a manual selection

Hi guys,

I walked into a problem. My goal is to make a selection of walls by myself. But with the select model elements node you have to cross in the section. I would like to select the walls by one click. Is this possible with Dynamo?

If this problem is solved, I think I’m also getting a new problem, because if I select walls with the select model elements node and place families it goes well. When I’m doing this again on other walls it deletes the selection. How can I fix that?

I always use this one…

Thanks, this is what I want.

Only problem that is left, if I’m making a new selection and place the families it deletes the other ones.

Do you know how to fix that?

Sorry i don’t know that :slight_smile: maybe some experts here can do…

I am using that node from Springs package.

That’s also a good one, thanks.