Collect All Elements with linked model

Hi Everyone,

I am trying to collect all the door tags in my project with the Categories / All Elements of Category. We have a linked model in our project. When the the link is removed the collector works when the link is in the model I get this error.

The ultimate goal would be to hide tags based on their host’s phase created. Does the All Elements of not work when having linked models in the project?

Categories - All elements.pdf (49.9 KB)

There’s a known issue with tag elements in Dynamo 1.2 and up:

You can have a look at the ElementsInView node from springs and reuse that in a liked doc element collector

Thank you Dimitar. I did stumble into that tread later on.

Do you know if there are any other work arounds or do we just wait for a new release?

None that I can think of. However it can be a really easy fix:

Download a recent version of springs, take out the script node from “Springs.Collector.ElementsInView”

and add the line
doc = v.Document



I strongly suggest you hide the background preview of any nodes that return tags or text if you’re dealing with a large document. Otherwise you might stumble on another nasty bug introduced with D4R 1.3 :confused:

There is a YouTube video from BIMTAMIN

Get All Elements from Linked Models