Spring Node- Spring.NullGetParamater doesn't pick the element from DataShape list

Hi there,
As I am newbie in Dynamo and forum, please anyone can help me to solve this issue.
Essesially, I am trying to use DataShape and SpringNodes to set For Construction Stamp for all the selected drawings.
I use 2 nodes Spring.NullGetParameter and Spring.NullSetParameter but only the “SetParameter” one can get the element from the list that generated from DataShape but the other one won’t.

Could u guys please point out what happened please.

ThanksAdd Stamp On Sheet.dyn (33.2 KB)

Hi @Tamn

If you look closely at the element input it requires elements currently you’re feeding it as strings.

Thanks Kulkul, that’s the one I am wondering as if it considers the “element” input only -> the node “Spring.NullSetParameter” shouldn’t be working as seen as captured really.
Anyway, could you please advise if any node I can use to convert the list to element. I try to use CW.Element.ID node (it was from one of the topic about splitting column) as seen below but not really works for my script.

Here is what you need to fix. On your Sheet Drop Down List you have to Feed the Elements (TitleBlocks) like @Kulkul mentioned to the Values input, and the Sheet Number to the Keys input. That way the “sheets” coming out of the MultipleInputForm will be the actual TitleBlock elements, not just the sheet numbers like you were getting.


Thanks thanks very much Sean, as your recommend I have solved multi problems that I have with DataShape.

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