Data Shapes List Form UI not Working as intended

Hi Guys, I am getting a null error when applying the below nodes to a data-shapes Listview node. can anyone point me in the direction as to why this is happening? is it because the inputs are coming from a list which is a string? if so how do i change the string it back to element.type if even possible?

Hello @stacey.hennigL6B3T,

I can’t see a null. Please open up all node results so we can see what’s going on. I can’t see a mistake, your listview data node should output a proper “UI Listview input” element. But it should not open a userinterface already.

Do you know the documentation? It’s very helpful!

Thanks for replying, i am new to dynamo but have a little understanding of how it works. I have attached image below of where the null is. it is in the listview node. I have reviewed the documentation and am confused as it all appears to be ok. i feel it is something to do with an incorrect value i am inputting.

What Revit version are you using?
If it’s a recent version, you need to install the ironpython package, you can download it from the package manager.

that was it. I had an error with iron python. thanks mate

For your understanding, until a few years ago ironpython was part of dynamo but in recent versions it is not anymore. It got replaced by cPython. Because cPython has many problems when using it to work with revit, many dynamo package developers did not updater their packages to cPython.

Thats why you have to download ironpython yourself.

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