UI.ListView Data

I’m trying to pull data form Sheets (in this case) using UI nodes form Data-Shapes and need some help.
Here’s the problem in image form:

For every Parameter I’m trying to get, there is a list of check boxes (with sheet numbers shown).

I would like regardles of the number of parameter, only to have sheet numbers as options, like shown here:

Here is a the script:
UserInputScript.dyn (26.0 KB)

I’m using Dynamo 2.2.1 with Revit 2020 (with .rvt sample files for testing).

Thanks for your time

Use the ‘Sheets’ itself as values, and use Element.GetParameter and Sheet.SheetName only after the MultipleInputForm. Something like this:


Man, that helped me a tone.

Thx. :slight_smile:

Actualy I am trying to do the opposite, have a list of parameters to pick from all available.

Did it eventualy, but would be interesting to see if how someone else would do it.