element.setParameterByName node

Hello Everyone!

Can anyone explain to me how the Element.SetParameterBy Name node works? It has 3 inpouts: element, parameter name and value. Why it doesnt works when I join list of elements (let’s name it A) and list of values (name B, the same size as A)? Why it doesnt aply for the first element form list A the first value form list B, so on and so on? I have lacing set as shortest.
Thank you for any help or information in advance.
My example:

Is it seven different types you are trying to give a value or is it seven instances you try to change the type value in?
In last case, it will not be posible to give a type value different values, a type parameter takes only one value!
In the first case this should work, but I fear that it is the last case your atemps is all about.

Thank you for response.

I understand what do you mean, but unfortunately this is seven elements of one type and I’m trying to change its instance parameter.
As you can see thise parameter can have different value for each elemenent:

It looks like the node “take” first value form my list and aply it to this parameter. I simply can’t understand :sweat:

works for me…

please provide the graph? (as .dyn file)

Thank you for your time!
You gave me the right sign - the problem was at the beginning of the code… I was so confused and frustrated about the node that I overlooked it.
Still dynamo - noob like me need some tips at the beginning :wink: Thanks

EDIT For other users - this node works properly as expected, be more careful during coding :wink: