Split wall by length

Hi guys, I am trying to split a wall every 8’ length, is there a way to do it? I get the curves , but all I see on internet is using a manual line to split the items… I would like that all my walls get cut at 8’ automatically. how would you do it?

I am using a curtain grid and I would like the wall to cut at every end of the pannel…

thanks for your help!

What about getting the location line of the wall, and dividing that into 8’ segments, then creating new walls on those segments. Afterwards delete the original wall.

is that the only way? I screwed up and im afraid it screw everything if I fail to do it correctly…

This idea is actually the basis of what you want. Doing this with Python only achieves what you want in the optimum time. I think you can definitely start here.
Actions such as “Copy,Split, Move…” performed in a Python environment or dynamo on Revit Element (Walls, floors…) are nothing more than deleted completely within another and created with the same properties only at the end of the specified rectankle.

Law 3 of thermodynams: Nothing can exist out of nothing; It can’t disappear from the existing one.

After you create your chart, ask for help again.

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Thank you Durmus ! I will do this project manually, then will work on it , thanks my friend, much appreciated !