Wall Spiting by distance


How to split Wall given by distance in dynamo.

Pleas give me a suggestion or any other ideas


you can not split walls with dynamo

but you can create new walls

see topic:

Thanks for your reply

but i want split wall.

What Nico is syaing is that there’s no “Cut” node but you can change properties and crete new walls.

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thanks for Guide me

This should get you started. It extracts the wall location line and divides it hten creates new walls.

divide wall into shorter walls.dyn (16.9 KB)


Thanks for your reply

can i delete the first wall after segment of the wall???

yes you can

with the node Element.delete

i try but every wall are delete.

put a Passthrough node after you create the new walls
input in passThrough is the original wall
input in waitFor are the new walls

it’s not working

any other ideas

post a picture please


you have nothing selected :wink:

i select wall then create a new segment wall after that all walls are delete.

so you can look at this image

turn of automatic mode :wink:

run in manual mode

and use the elements.Delete from archilab

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Great :+1:

yes it’s working now

Thanks for help me

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i can try this program for slanted wall.

Wall segment is not parallel to slope of wall, it’s create a rectangle shape not a slanted wall as first wall.

How can i fix this issue???

Start a new Topic with another description please