Cut walls going through floors

Hi guys,

Is there anyway I can cut walls that are going through the floor. I have a Revit file that has a bunch of walls going through every floor. Here is a picture demonstrating what I mean. Giant Wall.rvt (1.6 MB)

My manual way of doing it is just to splice the walls then align them with the floor. I have a lot of walls and floor levels so doing this manually will take hours.

Here is what I am thinking. Get floor and walls, find where they intersect and cut the wall the same size as the floor. My only problem is cutting. Not sure which how to go on doing that. I am also open for other ideas that can help me with this problem.

Try this…

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Thank you Sean. This script works it just doesn’t cut the wall the right way.
Left side shows how it’s supposed to be cut and right side shows how the script is cutting it.

I don’t understand Python all too well so not sure where I will have to go and edit the script to make it work right. Any help will be appreciated.

Are you floor offset from your levels in any way?

I figured out the problem Sean. It was a problem with my wall. It was passing through the top floor and that made it calculate it wrong. After I deleted the top portion of the wall, it ran smoothly. However I still have one single problem. The wall is being cut at the height of the floor and then the base. I just want it reverse, cut at base and then height. Not sure if the script can be reverse in that way.

And you don’t have a base offset on the walls?

Wow, you were right Sean, the offset was off. I feel like an idiot.
I really appreciate your help Sean. Thank you!