Split railing at corners to become segments or arcs

is there any way in Revit dynamo to automatically Split railing at corners to become segments and arcs?

to become like this

Hi @mohasagha ,

I don’t know if there is a way to actually split a line based family directly.
What I would do is get the PolyCurve representing the FamilyInstance and from there using Geometry.Explode get the individual lines and arcs. From there you could create new FamilyInstance of the same FamilyType of the original railing.

Let me know if that works

I do t know of any nodes for this, so you’ll have to do some coding on your own.

You’d have to copy the original railing once for each segment, then use the railings API to edit the curve segments. Not sure if the later is doable, but this has me optimistic: SetPath Method

That said, this likely would make posts quite difficult to manage, which you ought to think through before progressing too far.