Create line based family instance

I’m trying to create an edge that can be placed in revit much like you’d create a wall.
I already having a functioning line based family for that matter, but I want the edges to be adjusted based on the angle between the edges. Currently the edges have to be adjusted manually to make sure they align properly, but I was thinking I should be able to do it via Dynamo.

So, using Sastrugi’s put point on workplane as a start it’s no problem to create these families, to get the starting coordinates for these family instance, nor is calculating their length and angle (and relative angles between them, but that’s not too important for now).

However, as we’re dealing with a line based family, Revit doesn’t accept that I give the family a length via Dynamo. Is there a way to create line based families via Dynamo or should I recreate the family as a non-line based family and create and manipulate that one via Dynamo.

Have you tried inputs as startpoint/endpoint?

No, but then again, I wouldn’t now which node to give these inputs.

i mean like how you create a wall (is linebased right?) or something similar

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It’s similar to a wall, but it’s a line based family.
If I can create a line based family while giving a start and endpoint as input my problem would be solved but I’m not sure where you wanted to go with that.

i mean something like this

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That looks like it should work,.
What package is it from?

Google says Clockwork (dont know what version)

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I got it working.
Thanks a lot!

Does this work for Drafting Views as well? I am trying to utilize it for annotations… any ideas?