Split Revit family

Is it possible to split a form element of revit family at specific intervals? It is a curved form element in revit family

Hi Rahim
you can do it by using a rectangle form and get the geometry intersection and create a new form

@dineshsubramani Actually, I want to Split at intervals of say 20 meters. I have a form element (curved bridge deck) in the family. Is there a way to extract the curve by selecting the form element? or any alternative method possible in dynamo for splitting the form element.

@JacobSmall Can you please take a look at this? It would be very kind of you.

Not much I or anyone else can do to help without your current data set and a better description of what you’re after. Without a file and something to start from it’s like telling your mechanic your transportation is broken over the phone and asking them to fix it. Since they can’t see it they do not know if it’s because of a dead battery, out of gas, lost belt or hose, a oe if the engine fell out of the car in the middle of the highway…

Try making the nested curve based family shared and grab those instead of the form. If that doesn’t work post the data.