Using divided path in Dynamo same as it works in Revit?

Continuing the discussion from Placing family on reference plane created on a curve in dynamo:

So i have found that i can control a divided path though dynamo which is great, but the only output from this is points with no association to the curve, which links me back to my previous issue of placing families on points in Dynamo.

Interesting when you place the family on the divided path point in Revit directly it takes the normal of the curve etc and uses this to orient the family. Then just using a repeater command to array the family across all points.

This is a good workaround for now as it means i have something on the table, but would be great if there was a component that would give you the divided curve points in the same way Revit uses them and that they can be used in place families in Revit with the family instance at points component.

Has anyone had any luck with using divided path and families in Dynamo as they work in Revit?