Split Line By Points Fail (Fire Rating Exercise)

Hi everyone!

First of all a bit of introduction to the issue, in case someone knows an easier or better way to address this task.
I am trying to automatize the creation of Fire Rating plans with Dynamo. In the office we draw detail lines (of different colors depending of the Fire Rating) on top of the walls, so it was a bit of a tedious task.

Now we are using a dynamo definition that reads those Fire Ratings and draws the appropriate line on top of the wall, the only problem is that the lines are drawn on top of doors and windows as well. So I am trying to use the bounding box of those elements to cut the lines and delete the portions that are equal to a window or door width.

We are using the split line by points (with the intersection points between the wall lines and the bounding boxes), the problem is that those points are splitting not only the intersecting wall line, but all the other lines as well.
Here is a graphic example of the issue and part of the definition.


Why don’t you intersect the line with the door/window bounding box?

That is what I was doing, but it was not working.
In the end I solved it with a bit of filtering elements.