Split Generic Model by the given input

Hi, all.
I´m trying to split a Generic Model nested in Revit by a given number input.

What I did was select the geometry of the GenericModel Family from Revit and call it into Dynamo, then the Solid was split it by another Dynamo geometry. The new geometries are from Dynamo and when I want to import it back to Revit i only found the costume node “ꟿ DirectShape.ByGeometry” from spring nodes v.203.1.0, which only creates a new generic model family. What I want is to nest the same GenericModel Family into the new geometries and erase the original one.

I tried to modify the costume node but since I´m not a python user i couldn´t do nothing? Any ideas on how to achieve this? Attached is a link to Drive, inside is the graph the RevitProject with the GenericModel I used.


Dynamo Version:
Revit 2019.2
Cotusme nodes: spring nodes v.203.1.0 and Clockwork v.1.31.1

Thanks :))