Geometry.Split using a line not working

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I’m trying to create a generic model void family on Revit that follows the meshing of a revit topography so as to cut an object in such a way that it seamlessly follows the toposurface. The geometry.split function is however refusing to work. Please help. I watch the Youtube video at the link below.

Hi @bayowindapo

Could you please show your complete graph with all the previews and errors.

Hi there please see attached. I tried uploading the dynamo file but the site says new users are not allowed. Apologies if this is a silly question I’m pretty now to Dynamo.

![Image 1|476x500]

What do you have in Element.Geometry? I think there is no mesh there… that may be problem.

Hi there thanks for the reply. I have the toposurface in element.geometry. So I think that should be fine. What do you think?

I mean, what kind of geometry? Solid, surface? If you don’t have mesh there… it can be problem.

Ahh I see. Well the toposurface is a mesh geometry so I’m not too sure that’s the issue. Thanks for the help!

Any thoughts?
I actually looked into a similar question you had in the past and you seemed to have solved it. I don’t know why it isn’t working out for me.

Thanks guys I figured it out. Deniz you were right. I was missing a mesh node. I thought a toposurface is automatically a mesh. Haha!

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I’m back with another problem haha!
So splitting the geometry with the solution I posted only seems to work for only a few elements at a time and I’ve got many things to split. Splitting each element one after the other would be greatly time consuming. When I let it run my Revit and Dynamo basically crash. I’m basically trying to split a lot of context massing that currently sink into the toposurface at the moment which doesn’t work well for my purposes.
I went back to using a few lines beneath the toposurface so as to create a void family that can cut the massing elements all at once. The script seems to work fine but the object it creates remains flat instead of following the underside of the topography. Please see images attached. I appreciate all the help. I also attached images showing the site model. Thank you!!

You should use Levels. Use @L1 on Geometry.Split in order to cut every geometry with Topo. After that create a your instance family. You can combine cut geometries with by union or create for each an instance…

Thanks. I’ll check it out and get back to you

Many thanks! You’ve been very helpful. Here is the solution that worked.

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