Special schedule

Hi All

I would like to have a schedule in Revit 2017 for checking variation in quantity.

for example, I need to get the volume of total beams in my project file in one column, and the next column I want the volume of beams from the linked model only.

is it possible? even with any formulae or work arounds? then I can see how much a quantity is in my model and how much in the linked model if any variation then I can report it fast.

this is for a special need in our company, maybe it sounds strange for u, but the question is, is it possible in Revit? does dynamo can help?
same schedule. 3 columsn, first one is for quantity of items in the model, second column is for the quantity of itmes from only the linked model/file. and the third one is for remarks or so.

Very much looking forward to hearing from the experts.

Not possible directly in Revit. However you can use dynamo to read both models and write the data to excel.

ok, thank you for your reply.
is there any workaround to read a column from another schedule in the project by using dynamo?
for example, i have 2 schedules in my Revit file, I want one column with values of first scheduled to appear in the second schedule. can dynamo do it?

As @JacobSmall mentionned pull both values in Excel since Revit won’t do it.
You could have 2 schedules side by side but they won’t be “connected”

i made another way, but it is in rows only.
an extra parameter to name itmes in Architectural model and the one in structural model.
now next issue is, can i get a color change in any cell if the relative row has difference.

Are you trying to do coordination using a schedule?

My intention is, to check any changes in structural beams .
bcs our structural department some times not tell arch. people about dimension changes in their beams.
so arch people asked me to find a way to observe them without informing them. Lol

As beams are out of copy monitor scope, then we need a solution to monitor any changes in beams immediately after their synchronization.