Spaces Tag Problem

I did calculation of heating and cooling. I want to see “Peak Cooling Sensible Load” when I added “Space Tag”

Could you please suggest me solution about this problem?


“Peak Cooling Sensible Load” is saved in a parameter Design Cooling Load.

  1. click space tag and edit family
  2. click on a label and add Design Cooling Load parameter
  3. Load into Project and replace all parameter data

I wanted to add GIF video but my file is over 3MB so not possible to paste here,

@Michal_Dengusiak You can drop your GIF video in dropbox and share the link here. It will play your GIF.

@Kulkul This is good idea,

Thank you for your answer but I can add space tag to design cooling load (peak cooling total load).
My question is about peak cooling sensible load. I couldn’t add tag to peak cooling sensible load.

I have one more question can I do this tag with dynamo?

Hi @Celoogle

I believe that only Peak Cooling Load value as Total is saved as parameter in Sapace remaining value will be part of report.
Report apart from Revit is stored here as .htm file:
ps. I would not use Revit for cooling load

I never tried to generate a whole family Tag in Dynamo maybe others succeeded ? but not sure what is a benefit… as this can be done in few sec and those will be a standard template Tags for all your future projects