Place Space Tags in multiple views




Im trying too make a script that imports spaces from Aricitects modell and places spaces in my project, rename them and place spacetags.

everything is working except placing the space tags. I want space tags in specifed views and all floors.

First floor is working but the other floors says the spacetags are created but when i see in the model they aint there. Last part of the script so would be nice with some help.



Hi @Henrikny95,

It doesn’t work on all floorplans because you have 213 spaces and only 60 location, so I guess you only had 60 space tags created.

Example :


213 spaces is the totalt inn all the floors. I have one node for creating the tag in each floor. So the 60 tags or correct for that floor. But it only tags first floor. Im missing everyother floorplan above


I have filtered out the location of the tags for that floor and the views.



Any clue?