Spacemouse 3dconnexion

Good morning all

I was surprised when I did my research that nobody had posted about the use of the spacemouse in Dynamo.
It has been implemented in Grasshopper (sort of, [ … ehow/81346])

Now, I reached out to Mcneel and Autodesk and they pointed me back to here.

So, any plans on implementing navigation in Dynamo ?

Anybody who finds this topic, please add a comment so this subject gets traction.

Thank you

The SpaceMouse seems not to be helpful in Revit or Civil 3D, so maybe no one is using it and thus not in Dynamo.

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It is broken mainly due to the center tool (which gives the view a rotation point) not being automatic. I already proposed a new process to 3dconnexion but nothing yet.

Hi @tlagardeAJBTA ,

It seems like the link you shared is broken. Also, could you perhaps explain what spacemouse is/ does and why we would want/ need it in Dynamo?

I’ve also found rotating and zooming geometry in Dynamo could sometimes be quite problematic indeed :slight_smile: If we could use the spacemouse, it would really be great. I’ve been using it quite a lot for Navisworks for the same reason :slight_smile: