Integration with Civil 3D

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the title says it all. Are there any plans of integrating Dynamo with Civil 3D? I can definitely see it being used for controlling subassemblies, featureline geometry, grading objects etc.

If I’m to be honest it’s a bit unfair, that all the great stuff is being developed for the Revit world, while the civil engineers among us are stuck with a sub-par experience from a bit less than a decade ago.

the next big step for Civil 3d will be Revit Civil :smiley: I refuse to learn the apps based on AutoCAD, so at least I’m hoping for Revit Civil :wink: a hint from the autodesk guys could be maybe the statement at the release of the new site designer, that they have still more unreleased functions in the pipeline for Revit “Civil”… not sure what will really happen, because they still earn money with civil3d without big additional effort :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

In my opinion, it’s difficult to vision Dynamo being implemented into Civil 3D from a programming standpoint. I definitely agree that the Subasembly Composer or the corridor property window leaves a bit to be desired and Dynamo can definitely fill that void. Autodesk has taken Dynamo and made it into its own separate software package called Dynamo Studio so I can potentially see some creative uses of that with their existing product lines. Also, there’s no mention that Dynamo Studio was solely built for Revit on their website.

I thought the push to go toward Infraworks was eventually for ‘Revit Civil’ but I may be wrong. Autodesk has never painted a clear picture of what’s to be done with it other than create a faux 3D model for presentation.

I can’t wait until the day I get track centerline data or pipe data from Civil 3D and then generate a 3D Revit model for the Architects!

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Watch this video

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you have it now with Civil 3D 2020.