Feedback on Navigating background geometry and nodes

Hi Dynamo community.
We have some new navigation controls in the Daily builds (DynamoDailyInstall20140612T0504.exe). Would love to hear about your intial impressions.




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Hi Zach, it is basically a cool feature, makes things a lot easier!

only flaw: the assignment of the mouse buttons - including wheel - should be aligned with the revit key assignment.

IMO it does work really well and it is big improvement.

There are some issues with the navigation in the backgroung 3d preview. But they are not directly related with this new control.

would prefer Top Left location for the buttons. more often on cursor path. works fine though.

Being a daily user of Dynamo, this feature is really very very helpful and time saving.

Just one more improvement,

if user is in Geom view and he creates a node (which is allowed) then it make sense to switch to Node view (silently).


Top left would be max like, top right more Revit like…

It’s great for visual feedback

The latest build available to me at is DynamoDailyInstall20140611T1823.exe

From where can I download the above mentioned build (DynamoDailyInstall20140612T0504.exe) ?


The DynamoDailyInstall20140611T1823.exe build is not working properly on top of Revit, so it was removed from the list. With the latest available build, you should still see the Geom/Node view option.

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