Space planning with Dynaspace

Hi, there I’m having trouble understanding what is going wrong with the script I use provided on:

when I put in my own rooms exactly as the example put it, I keep getting a yellow error. I am really not sure what’s going wrong

Your Graph isn’t readable. You need to zoom in before saving the workspace as a jpeg.
But first thing i would check are the incoming null values out of your csv-file. That may already solve the errors. :wink:

I have checked the excel file. it’s a pity as a new time user here I’m unable to upload it. I have depicted in my own excel document as the example laid out . as far as i’m concerned everything is the same.

I’m not sure if thats the problem, but you skipped the “Department”-Coloumn in your csv-file. That means that all your data inputs are kind of shifted. I can imagine that the engine create gets numeric input when it’s expecting strings or the other way. But it’s just a guess. Sadly the package-page is not working for me, so i’m not abled to download the examples.