Space planning: engine.create node opperation fail 2.0.3

Hello all, I am very new to trying to learn dynamo so I apologize if this is an easy solution, but I am struggling to figure it out on my own/find answers on the forums.
I am trying to space plan with dynamo-Revit using a tutorial found on the Dynamo website ( I am using the Meshtoolkit and and DynaShape on Dynamo 2.0.3. Quick background, I am trying use the space planning software to determine the best organization for an area that will host multiple companies that are not necessarily part of similar “departments” in a traditional sense. I have a feeling that my issue is tied to this organization of departments in my excel sheet, but am not sure how.

I have created an excel sheet that mimics their excel file using the space planning information that I have at this moment. My issue arises when I try to run the provided script with my space planning data. Dynamo will import the excel file using the data.import.excel node, but after running it through the subsequent list.flatten and watch nodes, the engine.create node comes back with this error “Warning:Engine.create operation failed. Value cannot be null. Parameter name: value. I am confused because by flattening it and running it through the watch, doesn’t that remove null information?
Engine.create leads right to engine.execute, which has the following warning: “Engine.execute operation failed. Internal error, please report: Dereferencing a non-pointer.” Since the errors occur in this order, of course no graphics are generated.

Could anyone provide some insight? I have included a picture of the data and script I am using and will try to share pictures of the script below. Thanks!

Can you expand your data previews leading into the node returning the error, zoom in so you can read them, and do an image export (camera icon in the top right of the Dynamo workspace) so we can get a better understanding of where you are?

Thanks for responding, Jacob. Here is the image export. Thanks for your help!

Devil is in the details of the post:

I didn’t see that you were using 2.0.3, so it looks like you will need to use either sandbox or Revit 2020 to leverage this workflow.

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Hello all,
I am running into the same problem, but I`m using 2.1 and the sample file.
The Engine.Create node says “Input string was not in the a correct format”.
Has someone an idea?

Thank you!