Space Planning Generator

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I’m new to the forum and I’m also a beginner in using Dynamo, I really need you and your skills. After having established a first script which allows me, with Project Refinery, to propose different scenarios for setting up a building on a plot, I would now like to develop a script allowing me to entirely integrate the program from an Excel file into the plan form of my building.

I see there are several posts about the Space Plan Generator :
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Its match exactly what i want to do but i didn’t find an answer that i could apply … I found the “Space Layout” package in Dynamo, the “SpacePlanning” of Subhajit’s package is no longer available, I believe ?

Any help will be invaluable and thank you in advance for your answers !


Space planning is an infinitely complex problem due to the various application of such methods. Typically I recommend not defining the building and forcing the spaces in an ‘outside-in’ method (as you sound to be doing here), but go with an ‘inside-out’ method where Refinery places the rooms according to your pre-defined rules and parti diagrams.

That said sometimes outside-in is a must (say with renovations), so its worth thinking about and reviewing. Can you provide some insight on the final output you’re packing the spaces into? This will help guide you along the right path.

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