Space Planning (Kyle Martin) trouble

Hello, I cant seem so figure out where I went wrong on this graph. I have followed Kyle Martin’s graph to the best of my ability, but I ran across a few problems. When I run the graph I get an error message seemingly starting with the List.CountOccurances node, but I’m not too sure. Any help would be incredibly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Massing Through Excel.dyn (117.4 KB)

Massing Excel.xlsx (10.4 KB)

Program Mass-Test.rfa (388 KB)

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I was able to correct the red nodes from the previous screen capture, but am still at a loss for the other errors.

Hi, the warnings in nodes are indicating what’s wrong. There are also useful resources online, see a good list here:

You could also see the dictionary for nodes explanations: (x, y, z)
…and other discussions in this forum:
Space Planning - Families and Dynamo

Awesome! Thanks for the resources. I was able to get it running, Just having issues with the color, but that seems to be happening to others as well according to other forum discussions.