Warning: Engine.create operation failed. Input string was not in a correct format

I am new to Dynamo, and i try to follow this tutorial on Space Planning with Dynamo. Space planning in Dynamo with DynaSpace - Dynamo BIM
I use Revit 2021 with Dynamo 2.6.1
I have set up my script, but then i get warnings, for example on “Engine.Create” which says “Engine.create operation failed. Input string was not in a corret format” What can i do to fix that? Thanks

  • Benjamin

Did you make any changes to that sample? If so there is likely a bunch of extra null data points, or other bogus content which is causing the failure. Double check this closely as every time I have seen this error it’s been from this issue.

Hi again.
I have tried to download the sample (CSV file) again, but it still dosent work. Do you have any other ideas for what could be wrong?

Actually i have tried to make my own sample now, and the Engine.create error is gone, but now i have this one. What to do?

The boundaries are defined by points, not a polycurve. Try taking your current polycurve and converting it like this: Geometry.Explode > Curve.StartPoint > the boundaries input

Perfect. My warnings are gone now.
Next problem is, that when i set Reset boolean to true, then to false and Execute to true, bubbles should appear, but nothing happens. Could it be my sample which dosent work? And how do i get it working?


When i then run the scrip it says null in all my “watch” nodes

What inputs do you have into the node now? Expand and pin the data preview of all nodes going go to the node, zoom in to a level like this, and use the export canvas as image button (looks like a camera in the top right).

I have the same issues and i couldn’t fix them!
How did you solve the Engine.Create from the CSV, the first problem that you had?

Make sure that your CSV matches the sample provided in terms of how you format each cell; Stuff line swapping , and . characters or having a missing space can cause these issues. I recommend starting all such CSVs from the base file to help prevent this.

Yeah, i am using the same csv that came with the zip file!

With no edits whatsoever? Or could you have added items (even something like putting blank data into a row below)?

zero edits, i just opened dynamo, installed packages and tried to use the csv that cam with the zip file.

Can you post your graph? Or is it the sample?

I was trying to replicate the graph in the link that OP points to, and ran into the same problem.
The files are available for download at the end of the link/blog post, but I’ve uploaded the files here:
DynaSpace+GDIR_ApartmentLayout._Revit2021.zip.7z (6.1 MB)

When trying to run the graph this error appears:

Warning: Engine.CreateWithInitialPositions operation failed. 
Input string was not in a correct format.

Some update must have changed the way Engine.CreateWithInitialPositions takes in data.
I simply deleted the List.Flatten node the data went through and the Engine node started working.

That said, the Engine.Execute node seems to have gone through changes too:

This is the node screencap in the article:

And this is the node as I see it in the DynaSpace package:

The “stats” output seems to be missing and the “spaceAdjErrorRatios” output seems to be duplicated.