Sorting out a list from linked element

Hi guys,

I’m trying to filter out a list of windows from a linked file. I’m gettin the list, but it also selects wrong windows (windows in windows parameters). Because of that it won’t place my family.

I’m trying to develop a script that places lettels. Right now it places them in projects that are not linked. The next step is to place the lettels in linked files.

In this thread you can see it: Placing line based family

The script makes a selection of the points, but it won’t draw the line that it needs to place the family.

I just found a node from BimorphNodes that could get my parameters value, but I get this error (and I’m getting it at multiple nodes).

Warning: Element.GetParameterValueByName operation failed.
Could not obtain element from the current document! The id may not be valid.

What does this mean?

Anyone who got this problem?

Please use the BimorphNodes package.

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Yup LinkElement input requires a LinkElement otherwise it won’t work. Also the exception message has been customised to tell you precisely this, so always check the warning above the node as it usually provides the answer :+1:

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It works!

Thanks for your help guys!

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