How to filter list of element/element id's retrieved from a linked revit model

Hi could someone shed light on how to do this I’ve imported a category of elements using springs.collector.LinkedInstancEelements, I then presumably get a list of elements at least thats what i believe my output from that node is, where I’m stuck is then I want to filter down these elements by parameter name and values from what i’ve seen around this forum and the web is that I should use element.getParameterValue ByName, but when I use the node I get the error “Warning asked to convert Non Convertible Types” my question is why is this and how do I fix it and also the node seems to partially work I get a list with a bunch of empty values and a few that aren’t blank that have values corresponding to the parameter I was trying to filter. Could someone please tell me how I could fix this error or use the list I have with blank and non blank values from the element.getParamterValueByName node to end up with just the elements that I need. And to clarify what my code is trying to do I’m trying to pull the element ID’s of items from my linked model get there points and set equipment at their location, which I can sucessfully do if I want to place equipment/families at each element I pull from the linked model, but I just want to filter that down to a few elements based on their parameter, so my issue that i need help with is filtering these elements coming out of the flatten node which I used to try and create a single list any advice on sorting this issue would be appreciated, I’ve included an image of my workspace to help clarify where I’ve gotten to. Thank You for reading and hopefully your help.

Hi @raymond.humes

What does the error says?

The error says “Warning: Asked to convert nonconvertible types” when I feed my elements list into the Element.GetParameterValueByName node, with the name of a specific parameter I’m trying to use to filter through all the elements being pulled through from my linked model, thanks for looking at this problem by the way.