Sorting list for location data to correct view

Hi, So Im duplicating sheets with floor plans and turning them into ceiling plans. Using all the data from sheets and views for the new ceiling plans. (eg crop box, location data yada yad).

Im stuck at the problem below of sorting the location data correctly where two views is on one sheet. Can anyone solve for me? I’m not sure how to sort “2 List” to divide into two for the two view ports under “2 List” in View.SetCropBoxCurves.

Just to Check, When i create my sheets and place views. is this list below working right? Thanks for any help :slight_smile:

Hi @vanman

Use List.Combine node:

I might have been staring at this for to many hours (2 days). Not quite understanding what I do with the list combine. Script works well for 1 sheet and 1 view but introduce multiple views on a sheet to duplicate and all goes bad (at listing locations and now i assume putting on sheets from your input). Here it is below if you can help or show me any links if its simple. Otherwise ill keep at it myself. Thanks!

Ceiling Plans from views on sheets(1 Sheet 1 View).dyn (52.6 KB)

@vanman Everything works as expected. Try to understand the graph below it should work for you.

Don’t be upset if you face any problems please come back here. Cheers!

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Just got my Script working again for 1 View 1 Sheet. I will try tackle it again to make it work for multiple views on sheets. Thanks for the help man.

No Problem :wink:. Be happy :slight_smile:

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I think it might be an issue with View.GetCropBoxCurves and View.SetCropBoxCurves. If they dont get a flattened list they wont work and return null

Show me full graph with all the previews visible

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Try changing @List Levels the way i showed you above.

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I feel so close! haha. everything worked great but it hasnt put the views on the sheet. those lists look ok i thought?

@vanman Do these changes:

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progress! I get one view on all of the sheets but the others arnt going on

@vanman change lacing to longest.

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Sheets = Views = Points all are match then output is same.

:frowning: im not sure. still wont get all of them

so under list 4 i need to show the same sheet 3 times to put 3 different views on it? how would i do that?

which version of steam nodes package your using?

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@vanman Uninstall and install latest version:



Are you sure?

I don’t think that one exists.