Place views on sheet (Help)


been trying to figure out why (Steamnode) toolplace.views.onsheet only place one view ???

Can any one point me out here please??


Have you tried changing the lacing on that node to Longest?

Hi thanks for your time

If I change lacing I get all NULL


its been a long time since I have used that node. do you provide a sheet for each view and point?

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Hi thanks for reply

I have input single sheet to place multiple views on that sheet.

It works with bynamebysheetbyviews but problem I have is to control placement all gets in same place


Place multiple ViewsOn multipleSheetByLocation_Final.dyn (37.1 KB)
hi Dkeinys,
Please find attached My Graph I have created with the help of this forum only may be it can be useful for you.
it is linked with excel, So view name, View Location on layout, are linked to excel.
Just check if it is useful


Thanks for this ill check it out!!!

Can it work without Excel??? just asking without checking. Got no access to my work machine yet


yes, it can you need to do some small updates supply location points on graph it self and view names you need to supply with use of some filter, as I have 500 layout and Each layout has 12 Views (4 plan, 4 Elevation & 4 Section) I need to take help of Excel for combination.

Thanks again !!

Is the Viewports works ok there ??? The on I have tried mass moving my viewport title all over the place


It works for me 100 % accurate



Ok so managed to run script but getting error “Number of sheets don’t match number of views”

Is it expecting to have multiple sheet inputs not just one???


sorry, I forget to tell you that, this script will work with same no. of viewports in different Layout,
if you want different then you need to either run the script no. of time.
like 100 Layout sheet with 5 View port (run 1)
150 Layout sheet with 8 View port (run 2) etc. or do the required change in script.
Also Viewport location point need to be same as number of View port.


Can you explain me then how can I create One sheet and add multiple views on it ??? using your script???

Im ferly new to all this so just trying to understand all better


Sorry for late replay, I was out of station on client site where I did not have 24x7 interner due to remote location.
have you solved your problem or still it is there

Hi Thanks for coming back but no still having hard time with it


If you want to create One sheet with multiple view on it you need to supply only one sheet,
Can you please run again and place out put of each process as image so I can check what is wrong. in script.
as I have prepared script for multiple I have many nodes for cut, chop, drop, Join list. may be those are creating problem.
If possible if you can place your script with input and revit file will be better


Hello Nirav,

Could you please updload the a sample Excel file to understand what it’s contains.


I’m getting this same error. The workaround I tried was to make a list of the same sheet duplicated the number of times I needed.
Then I tried to join separate sheets into a list of the amount I needed.
Any insight?

Each view should have list per sheet created play with lists