Viewport Coordinates Different For Floor & Ceiling Plan Views?

Hi All, I’m modifying a script to automatically create sheets and viewports however I’ve run into an oddity that I can’t quite figure out. The code is fairly straight forward:

for number in range(len(sheets)):
	sheet = UnwrapElement(sheets[number])
	view = UnwrapElement(views[number])
	vprt = Viewport.Create(doc,sheet.Id,view.Id,XYZ(x,y,0))

The strange part is that if I pass in a list with a mix of floor and ceiling plans, the floor plans will be in a different spot on the sheet than the ceiling plans, even if they have the same scope box. Can anyone shed light on why this would be or what I’m missing? It seems to be project specific for some reason as I can’t recreate this with my test project.

The scope box should hold them to the same coordinates, and their centers are passed the same XYZ coordinates…

Floor plan:

Ceiling plan: