Filter & Sort lists by Parameter Values

How would anyone go about sorting a list of Sheets by Parameters. Such as my example of gathering all sheets in a list, then wanting to filter out other disciplines besides architecture, then being able to sort the filtered list by another parameter such as Sheet Number, to then output a list of Sheets as Elements, so I could set parameters as a whole to the filtered sorted list of sheets.




You're right, it was broken, sorry for not checking it before suggesting, I think a fix just went into master branch.

I have yet to get this node to work...if you come up with a sample let me know.. until then this is what i was able to accomplish from Andres brilliant method.

This is the Complex Version.

This is the Simple Version.

There is also a new node - group by key, which takes a key mapping function and splits a list into sub lists by the value returned, this would probably work to group the sheets by discipline for example.

absolutely brilliant. so essentially your catching both room names and element ID's into a list and telling both lists to sort by the sub-list of Room Name...very awesome. ill test it out on my category and a few others and let you know how it works out!

There was a similar discussion a couple of days ago (albeit without filtering) which I encourage you to read:

And here's how I would do it (the example is with rooms but could easily be modified to work with sheets):