Sort List by column number

Hey all,

I’m trying to sort a list by part of the sublist value in this case the first column wich has numbers in it.

In this case I joined 3 schedules from revit and then exported it to Excel but i would like to reorderit by the first column number.

Any suggestion would be appreciated!

Thanks a lot.

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Hi @JI_NGS ,

The List.SortByKey node is exactly what you need for this :smiley:

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It Worked just fine!
Many many Thanks!

I’m just iniciating in Dynamo, sorry if it was i kinda stupid question, it seemed so easy :sweat_smile:

No problem at all!
However searching the problem “Sort list by different list” or something like that would probably have also solved it for you :smiley:

Yes, i found some that had more steps and tried to apply to my file and they all started by the same way that you exposed but it had more steps. I think I should have simplified the steps :slight_smile:

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