Export computa from revit to excel

good morning … i’m new to dynamo, i’m working on a project to export data from revit to excel using dynamo.
what I can’t do is sort the data by level, for example starting from the foundation level to the top floor and what the script does is sort arbitrarily … thanks for your help and time, greetings …

take the first item (List level 2) and use a list.sortbykey node with those first items as keys :slight_smile:

Please can you show an image … I still can’t solve as you indicate … sorry I’m a newbie in dynamo = (…

Ps, you could also create a dictionary, but i think this will work just fine :slight_smile:

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the list is still filtering the ground floor first then the foundations floor the other levels follow the sequence without change … what can I do…

You’re not showing how you used the SortByKey Node and still get the undesired result. How do you expect people to help you?

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good morning … I’ll send you images right away …

Change the lacing to List level 2 instead of list level 1

You’re not sorting the elements, you are sorting the levels on which they are placed.

This is the basic idea of SortByKey:

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Good morning, thank you all for your answers and for your time … Happy holidays!