Solids from HVAC elements give lines and surfaces


For placing Voids i test walls and HVAC elements for intersections and so i have to make solids out of them.

This works great for ducts and pipes, but not for fire dampers and cable tray fittings. They give me a bunch of lines, solids, surfacers etc.

So should i just filter for solids and then put them together to one solid? Or is there any other way to solve this?

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Perhaps you could filter your results? There is usually a consistant pattern where the Solid you want is at a consistent index, or is the largest or similar…

There is a node in clockwork… Element.Geometry+ which has more control… It might be that you only want the geometry which is displayed at ‘coarse’ or at ‘fine’…

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Hello Mark,

Thanks for you reply :smiley:

OH! Now in understand what the lines even are. I will try that node from clockwork soon.

So is this a good solution if i just filter solids and merge them together?

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No worries :slight_smile:

Personally I’d try and get a geometry preview in Dynamo to see what is going on… That’s such a big win for Dynamo over coding…

If you are getting both a lump (coarse) and a lot of bits (fine) then you can maybe choose which is more useful?

You might still union some of it but if you keep everything as simple as possible it will run as quickly and cleanly as possible. Booleans are pretty slow and union-ing can be unpredictable.

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Hello @Mark.Ackerley,

Now as I made many tests with TuneUp i have some numbers.

Element Geometry: 30 minutes
Filter and merge solids: 30 minutes

So now i understand what you mean by slow :open_mouth:

I now kicked out the categories that give me no single solids. If i´ll ever need them, i´ll try to figure out if taking an item at index would work for me.

Thanks for your help :smiley:

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