How to filter these out: Warning: Element.get_Solids operation failed. trim_with_edge_loops requires all curves to touch surface


I have a bunch of concrete walls comming in from the constructors model.
For installation opening drawings (coordination) i make an element view (section view) of every wall in a new model. In retrieving the element solids i get an error. Somewhere in the model there seems to be an element that can not be converted into Dynamo Geometry. I want to skip those walls and continue, so the question is how to filter them out.

The geometry that gives me an error is reported here

Could you show up what’s said in the yellow error toolbox pls ?

What if you use “Element.Geometry” instead of “Element.Solid” ? Still the same issue I guess ?

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The problem would be that Element.Geometry tends to also contain lines and what have you, so you’re then stuck filtering that list down anyway.

@m.rijsmus Are all the elements accounted for? That’s to say, are they all just “Wall” elements or are there other objects, empty entries, etc? You’re selecting an index range between 50 and 100 for a total of 51 elements - is that actually the amount of elements available?
There are more robust ways of making such selections that won’t give problems if the index is out of range :slight_smile:

The error is in the subject line

Sure “Element.Geometry” also retreives lines but u can filter them

I try to narrow down the possible errors with the get item at index 50…100 because i don’t see another way of skipping the failing geometries

I assume the Element.Solids node then does return some solids but nulls or empty lists for the failing ones? I’d just use a List.Clean node to clean them up, though you’d still be faced with the resulting warning and missing walls, but at least it should let the rest of the graph evaluate as normal…

I narrowed it down to all walls that have a line as location line -skipping curved walls- and narrowed that down to all walls that have no unconnected height -skipping voids and in place walls and face walls- there are no Nulls left.

Yes I think it’s something like that too. @m.rijsmus could you please provide your Dynamo file ?

Element View Generation Walls.dyn (25.0 KB)

My bad, i forgot it contains personnal nods, so i can’t laucnh it. But u said no Nulls left, so does it work now ?

There are no personal nodes in there.
And i pose the question because it doesn’t work.

Please take your time before you give an answer, i made that mistake myself a couple of times on this forum.

Which nodes give you a problem?

you gave me the global script but not the personalized nodes you use in it so i can’t launch it

please see answer 10 and 12

Ok, i made some progress.

Here is the updated script.
Now i get:

Warning: Element.get_Solids operation failed.
PolyCurves may not be branching

Element View Generation Walls2.dyn (30.2 KB)

Hey, does this help?

It suggests working range might be an issue…

Thanx Mark,

I found the problem i think.
The files is clogged up with errors. (4000)