Intensive Element.Geometry causes crashes


I’m trying to extract all the spaces geometry to be part of a new deliverable.

Currently, this is my set-up. We have around 300 spaces…

I added it to run per level to attempt to split up the process. However, every time I run it past 10-15 spaces it stops responding. I left it for 2/3 hours for it to run and still no success.

I’ve looked at using Meshes as a middleman between the element and the solid geometry but couldn’t! get the Meshes to convert into solids.

Any suggestions? Thanks

That sounds odd, @Joe.ashton.

The image here shows about 300 linked rooms generated as solids, colored and interference checked against spaces in the HVAC model and then transfers room names to spaces, and it completes in less then a minute:


Do you have unplaced/redundant spaces in the model? Try doing some filtering if this is the case.



I mainly work with Rooms, obviously they are connected, but unfortunately you have many fewer nodes to work with …

Given the complex reality of rooms in live projects I have come across issues. This is perhaps due to a piece of curtain wall being embedded in another wall next to a window with another wall coming off it…

You find that Dynamo struggles to correctly determine the room boundary and therefore create solid geometry from it.

My suggestion would be to go grab the Clockwork node Room.Boundaries it’s not Zero Touch unlike the Core version, so you could perhaps use the python inside and edit it to get Space Curves.

Once you have those, you can use Curve End Points and Polygon by Points, then Extrude As Solid…

Hope that helps,


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That is weird, I’ve filter out all the spaces that have a volume less that 1m³ (including the nulls). I’m still getting freezes.

Any chance you could upload your script to see how you have done it? No probs if cant with confidentiality

Hey Mark,

I attempted something similar that used RIE to get the space boundary when trying to join up these lines, I got errors saying that it wasn’t closed. However, this is not with the filtering that Martin suggested; it could only be why dynamo is freezing though…

Hmm, I could get into trouble if i shared this (at the moment at least), but what @Mark.Ackerley describes above is generally also the route I follow when creating solids from rooms/spaces.

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Ok, cool, perhaps try the Polygon By Points and Extrude As Solid and see if that helps?


Just as a random thought, you don’t have a Scope.If node in there do you? It can cause a graph to freeze…

Good luck :slight_smile:

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Il give it a go, thank!

Scope.if nodes? Never heard of them xD

@MartinSpence I imagined that was the case, thanks for the help either way! I think it got to be a problem with my spaces. If its working for you without doing anything crazy.

If its possible for you to share the file, we could give it a shot :slight_smile:

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This is probably the best explanation I’ve read…

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Unfortunately cant do that :frowning:

I’ve done the extrusion and its working for about 90% of the spaces, I think the spaces its self have got weird and dynamo cant form polycurves for them.

So dynamo issue sorted… Revit problem no…

Thanks for the help

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You can try to reduce the complexity of the Spaces… e.g. when you get the end points you can Prune Duplicates? It depends how much precision you need.

It would be amazing if dynamo could just use the same method that Revit uses, being able to ignore gaps of less than 300mm would be very useful!

What exactly is the Revit problem?

I tried 2 methods of creating poly curves:

1 - Polycurve by lines

2 - Polycurve by points.

For the by points, i got the start and end point of each line then remove duplicated. However when I attempted to form a polycurve wouldn’t allow it.

Some of the spaces are just set-up badly, I’ve got a rectangular space with 5/6 lines forming it.

I tried some curve.simplifer node, but didnt do much.

I agree it would be great if dynamo had that functionality.