Can't get Solids from "Duct accessories"

Hi Guys,
I have made a large script, where I need the solids from Duct Accessories. Everything works fine in Revit 2018.3, but I can’t get the solids when running it in Revit 2020. Something must have changed in the API… Do you know how to get the solids??

I got all the right packages and so on…

I’ve attached an image of a simple situation.

Thanks :slight_smile:

@Thomas_Mahon do you know anything about this?

Could you drop here rfa here?

CW_232-14_Damper-Fire_Round_BRS_01.rfa (1.3 MB)

Hi @Kulkul, I have uploaded the Rfa

It is probably because Dynamo queries the geometry at a medium detail level instead of fine. You can use the Element.Geometry+ node from clockwork instead: Elbow Pipe Geometry

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Hi @srb

Looks good to me in Revit 2020.2 & Dynamo 2.3:

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Wait… what??? I did not know this.

Hmm, you made me double check and it seems it is not completely true. Pipe fittings do not show up as solids, but the pipes do even though they are not visible in medium detail level. So I don’t know if there’s any logic behind it.

Hi @T_Pover @Nick_Boyts @srb

What if i say it’s true completely everything shows solids :smile: :crown:


Haha nice, how did you that?

Hi @Kulkul @T_Pover

Okay, now I have the Solid. My problem now is to use it for splitting another solid.
I can do it with a solid from example a Duct because it is a “closed/massive” solid.
When i use the Element.Geometry+ node on the pipefitting i get the solid in “Fine-mode” and it constructs the solid with a hole in it.

Do you have any ide how to make it a “closed” solid?