Get solid of Electrical cables from Revit to Dynamo



I’m trying to get all electrical cables and system from Revit to Dynamo, I start with elements and geometries from 2 different categories, from one category everything is fine and I get all solids, but from another category I got few solids + list of Arc and Lines, I show it in the picture.

what is the best way to get the elements that I show with red in the picture, to the solid.



I’m thinking this is a Revit thing, I’m thinking the problem you have here is that different elements from different categories show up depending on the view.


Add conduit fitting category to the list


Thanks for the reply,
Actually, I select all, right categories, there are mixing of solids and (arc+lines) from one of the categories.
I separated them, for the solids it works good, but about the (Arc + lines) it is a good idea I make geometry from them ? or there is an easy way?



This might help. Ofc you need to add some object type filtering etc, but it kinda works :smiley:


I believe the problem is that Dynamo creates geometry based on the Medium detail level. This was mentioned in a post on this forum before, but I can’t seem to find it.
You could try using Clockwork’s Element.Geometry+:


Thanks, it works.


Thank you very much, I tried it, it doesn’t work.
From another hand, we have a problem with (Element. Geometry+), it’s so heavy, and working on big project it takes time.