Solid volume in Dynamo vs. same solid volume in Revit


I possibly experince an issue with solid volume. The issue lays in difference between solid volume in Dynamo contra same solid imported in Revit and it’s volume. When I check solid volume in Dynamo I can see this:

However, when I import this solid into Revit volume gets reduced for some reason:

I would assume that Revit volume should be the correct one. What can be explanation for it?


Do you have a sample file we could look at? One guess would be a discrepancy between medium and fine view setting geometry :slight_smile:



Here are sample files.

See its works for me…

let me know your thoughts.

Volume.dyn (15.8 KB)

I found the reason for that issue. Even though it looks like the solid was created in the right way from multiple solids, few of the solids were created by using wrongly structured lists of cross sections. This was resulting in the other volume, while exporting it to Revit. I fixed list order and volumes matched.