How to get the same volume in revit with dynamo?

Hello all!
I’m newbie on dynamo and sorry for my bad english. I have a questtion about my box girder project. i create box girder in my family and use dynamo. When i check on dynamo, i get the result volume like this

but when i load it into my project i get the different result volume like this

I’ve been following this forum and seen many solved. I have me too :smiley:

Hi @Hendri.wicaksono,

You could use the Convert Between Units node to get cubic meters from the Solid.Volume:


I’m guessing your current result is cubic millimeters.

Afterwards I would create a new volume shared parameter, and then write your new result into this.

Hi @MartinSpence ,
Thanks for your respon and your advice :grinning:. I’ve added that node on my box girder dynamo, but still have the same result on my dynamo project like this picture.

Direct shapes do not have a volume as they are not solids by default, so if you need that parameter you’ll have to create the geometry in a different way (ie: FamilyType.ByGeometry and FamilyInstance.ByPoint)

Hi @jacob.small ,
Thanks for your advice and i think this is the solution :grinning:. But i still do not have the same result volume like this picture

and i got bigger size box girder than i want from new family, like this

do you have any suggestioin for this problem? :sweat_smile:

Yes, I do. :slight_smile:

Have a look at this post: Revit 2022 ByGeometry - #4 by jacob.small

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Okay thanks a lot @jacob.small :slightly_smiling_face:

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