FormIt Solid to a Revit family - comes out as a mesh in Revit dynamo

Hello there,

So, I have a preliminary solid in FormIt, that I import to revit as a mass (or generic model)… I would like to process it further in dynamo but in Revit environment, but when I use element.geometry it is a mesh and not a solid.
I have double checked for water-tightness Solid in FormIt and ran it in dynamo there and it is a solid in FormIt, but turns out to be a mesh in Revit.
Is there something I am missing?

If it return as a solid in Dynamo for FormIt then it’s likely being reverted to a mesh in the transition from FormIt to Revit as a result of the transalation between the platforms.

If you edit the family in the Revit environment what type of geometry do you have there?

Can you post the FormIt file with the geometry in question? If so I’ll ping the FormIt team tomorrow to see if they can resolve where the issue is occuring.


I have re-tried basic extrusions just to make sure and be able to share it… It still gives the same outcome… with both type of export as generic model and as a mass

If you edit the extrusion in the Revit user interface, is it a mesh object or a solid?

I am sorry but I can’t follow your question… as I understand the families that are imported from FormIt are not modifiable in Revit use interface… they are a sort of a cad block within the specific family environment where they can inherit some parameters and where wall/ roof/ floor by faces can be created…

Post the .rvt with just a FormIt family in it. If the forum won’t work you can use another online repository such as Dropbox, onedrive, google drive, box, etc.

This is pretty much a ‘must’ as depending on which version (of both Revit and FormIt) you get different results, so replicating the situation would require we are aligned magically, which is quite unlikely.