Retrieving surfaces from a solid

Hi everyone.
I’m trying to do a pretty simple thing, that is retrieve a list of surfaces from the set of solids. I’m using Dynamo 1.3.1.

I did that using Element.Faces node, but since this node returns a list of faces, which are basically not surfaces, I cannot use them for further evaluation. I’m attaching example warning that I get when I try to do something with the surfaces I got.

Does anyone have any idea how to overcome this? I’m pretty sure that thus method worked in previous verions of Dynamo since I’ve also seen it in many scripts in this very forum.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

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I actually worked it out already.
Element.Faces returns faces when connected to Element.Geometry that optputs solids. But it returns Surfaces when connected directly to Masses stored in All Elements of Category node.

That’s quite curious by the way, but someone might find it useful.


In case you ever need to convert Faces to Surfaces you can use the Face.SurfaceGeometry node…


Hey Karolina,

Just wondering whether that node “Element.face” gave u any error when connecting to a solid as an input? When I tried to plug that in a solid, it gave me an error showing that it was expecting an element as an input :frowning: thanks in advance!

Hi @garbozhu,

this is because, as said in the error bubble, the node expects a referenced Revit element rather than a Dynamo geometry, as you probably try to do. I don’t know your script but I presume that you plug in the Dynamo-generated geometry. Try either to skip to skip the Element.Geometry node or use another method for retrieving faces, for example the one on the below screenshot.

In general, the keyword “Element” is reserved for Revit model elemnts, I guess. It must have been updated with some version of Dynamo, since I’m pretty sure it wasn’t that way back then, when I was creating that script :slight_smile: Unfortunately I cannot tell for sure since it’s been a while since I used Dynamo for the last time :slight_smile:



Hi All,

There is a good video I learnt from

Dynamo - Get Surfaces from Elements

Hope it is helpful!