Solid by Loft problem, twisted loft solid result

I encounter a problem with solid by loft. The result is twisted, seems it connects wrong points of two crosssections. I attached relevant files, Any ideas?
ground data.xlsx (20.3 KB)
loft test.dyn (15.5 KB)

You can only loft 2D profil. In your example you try to do it with two polysurfaces/mashes and this isnt possible.

You can try to create polysurface surfaces between your current two polysurfaces.

  1. get outer Boundary from Polysurface;

  2. write script: start at 1 point from outer boundary to find left point at lower surface and next point from upper surface. Creat from those 3 points a surface.

  3. do the same from upper to lower polysurfacesurface.

  4. combine ale 3point surfaces to polysurface

  5. create surface with: Solid.ByJoinedSurfaces

I don’t think it’s the problem buddy, If you check the rest of the data in excel,you can find, only 2 sections of loft went wrong.

Solved it, it’s a mismatched between upper points and lower points.