Solar study and export images

Hi everyone!

I am trying make an script to automate the setting sun and exporting the images and I found this post: Set Sun Settings and Export Image
which is exactly what I need but I am afraid that I can’t get the solar nodes from Dynanimator package work unfortunately. Anyone has any tips how I can make it work or any other similar packages which works for sun setting and exporting image of solar studies.
Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

dont know if the solar analysis package has been updated for Dynamo 2.x if thats what you are working with.

@Marcel_Rijsmus yes, I use 2.0.2. should I switch to earlier version if I want to work with solar analysis? where can I find previous releases of Dynamo?

I think that the Ladybug package has been updated for Dynamo 2.x
for older versions of Dynamo go to

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@Marcel_Rijsmus thanks :slight_smile: