Package for DayLighting analysis workflow

Hi all,
I have a question regarding finding packages related to Daylight analysis in Dynamo.
What are the most suitable packages for Daylight analysis?? I have seen some works but I can not find related packages, or any other ways as alternatives.

I want to do daylighting analysis based on this above Model but i couldnt find more than half of the nodes, can some body tells me alternatives for these nodes?
For example, how can I choose Perez Sky Model in Dynamo?

There is a solar analysis package which may do what you are after. You can also use vasa for shadow studies.

Dear Jacob,
Thanks for your answer, I have tried to install the “Solar Analysis For Dynamo” package but nothing does show up. Now I am stuck in this daylighting analysis.
Maybe, it is because of the version of Revit 2022 and Dynamo 2.12 that I use, as I read the Daylighting workflow packages are no longer supported in Dynamo after Revit 2019.

Should work. How did you install it?

From the package Tab and search for a package button
I can see the package in Dynamo → preferences → package manager
but i can not see in add-on tab so can not use it, I think it is a bug.

What is the directory you installed it to? Can you see the package files there? Is any package trying to load off a network? Could you have multiple of the same version?

Yes, yes it was my mistake, I have changed something in download directory and it causes this problem.
Many thanks for your help, I will try to replace the workflow nodes with the solar analysis package nodes.